Can We Have A Black Sherif In The Ghana Gospel Music Industry? – Techpreneur Isaac Quarcoo Queries

Black sheriff has for the past few days been the talk of the town in the whole of West Africa if not Africa in general after the release of his current song, “Kwaku The Traveller” which became Ghana’s first song to gain the no1 spot on the Nigeria Apple Music chart.

Black sheriff had already made a giant step earlier after he featured Burna Boy on the remix of his previous global hit, Second Sermon.

In a recent interview with Gh Articles Tv’s Ishew Charway, Mr. Isaac Quarcoo, A Ghanaian songwriter and an entrepreneur in Tech asked a provocative question that may have triggered a few gospel music stakeholders in Ghana. According to him, the deep questions trigger a lot of the industry players because the Ghana gospel industry players have not recognized the business aspect of the music so well as it should be.

“There is currently a window of opportunity for dominance currently but our musicians are all enjoying local shows and local glory. Those who have eyes will understand the angle am coming from. The Thing is, when will they realize that what the black sheriff is doing is secular but has also made way for a free flow which could be quickly feasted upon?

Gospel music is currently at its all-time low and could be a window for one very serious and gifted artiste to rise and match up with Sherif effortlessly. I don’t know if it’s a purely African problem but the pacesetters are not raising any successors and the successors are also not ready for the oven.

My question that is throwing to the gospel industry is, can we have a Black Sherif-type buzz for gospel music in Ghana? Or we all just lie and wait for manner?”, He retorted.



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