ADOMcwesi features Becky Bonney on a Sonically Edifying Clarion Call; Yesu Nkoaa (Jesus Alone)

The Ghanaian gospel music scene is about to get buzzing with the release of “Yesu Nkoaa” (Jesus Alone), a powerful new track by ADOMcwesi featuring Becky Bonney.

This innovative track seamlessly blends the rich rhythms of highlife with the edgy beats of funk and hip-hop, creating a unique sound that transcends traditional gospel boundaries. The single is available on all major streaming platforms HERE

“Yesu Nkoaa” is not just a song; it’s an experience that reaffirms the power and sovereignty of Jesus as the ultimate answer to life’s challenges.

The track is characterized by its infectious beats and powerful, biblically grounded lyrics, making it both anointed and irresistibly catchy. It promises to resonate deeply with listeners, offering a fresh and inspiring perspective on gospel music.

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ADOMcwesi (he/him), known for his almost feminine silky smooth vocals, and Becky Bonney (she/her), with her deep bassy undertones, create a vocal harmony that is both surprising and captivating.

Their combined voices deliver a powerful message of faith and hope, making “Yesu Nkoaa” a must-listen for anyone seeking spiritual upliftment.

“This collaboration is a testament to the versatility and dynamism of gospel music,” says ADOMcwesi. “We wanted to create something that not only honors our faith but also pushes the boundaries of what gospel music can be.

‘Yesu Nkoaa’ is a declaration of Jesus as the sole solution to our problems, and we hope it inspires and blesses everyone who hears it.”

Becky Bonney adds, “Working with ADOMcwesi has been an incredible journey. Our styles may be different, but our message is the same. This song is a celebration of our shared faith and a testament to the power of gospel music to bring people together.”

“Yesu Nkoaa” is set to be the future sound of gospel music, blending traditional and contemporary elements in a way that is both innovative and deeply spiritual.

The single is available on all major streaming platforms HERE. Follow ADOMcwesi and Becky Bonney on social media for updates and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

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About ADOMcwesi

ADOMcwesi is a rising star in the gospel music scene, known for his unique vocal style and innovative approach to music. His dedication to his faith and his craft has quickly made him a favorite among gospel music fans.

About Becky Bonney

Becky Bonney is an established gospel artist with a rich, bassy vocal style that has captivated audiences around the world. Her deep commitment to her faith and her powerful performances have earned her a place among the top gospel artists of her generation.



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