Millicent Yankey Set To Host Grace Experience” Worship Concert In Atlanta

Ghanaian gospel singer Millicent Yankey, based in the United States, is preparing to host her eagerly anticipated annual event, ‘Grace Experience, in Atlanta, Georgia, This extraordinary gathering promises to be a celestial celebration of faith, music, and unwavering devotion.

Joining Millicent Yankey on this event are esteemed gospel music ministers such as Tomi Favoured, Piesie Esther, Cynthia Maccauley, Daniel Nettey, and the renowned evangelist John Sena. Together, they are ready to elevate souls and fill hearts with the divine melodies of praise and worship.

Millicent Yankey

Millicent Yankey extends a heartfelt invitation to Ghanaians and fellow Africans residing in the diaspora to unite in this remarkable experience. With open arm, he invites them to immerse themselves in the transforming power of grace to find inspiration, comfort, and renewed strength

Millicent Yankey hopes that lives will be transformed by the power of God’s grace as believers across cultures unite their voices as one.




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