‘The Birth’ – Queendalyn Yurglee releases her much awaited debut EP

Gifted and anointed gospel singer Queendalyn Yurglee has blessed fans and gospel music lovers with her much-awaited body of work, a 5-track EP dubbed ‘The Birth’ which is currently available on all streaming platforms.

The new project is birthed from a place of prayer and intimacy with the word of God, having songs that will surely be a blessing to everyone who listens. The songs on ‘The Birth’ EP include;

  1. WOTIM HO DAA (You remain the same)
  2. HONHOM KRONKRON (Holy Ghost) Ft Diana Hopeson, Abaawa Connie
  3. HOLD MY HANDS (Extended Version)
  4. IZURU (You deserve the praise) FT Mike Aremu
  5. COME AND SEE FT Akesse Brempong

To ensure top-notch production quality, Queendalyn enlisted the expertise of renowned music-inclined individuals. Track 1- 4 recorded by Modecai. Mixed and mastered by popular music producer Francis Osei, Track 5 was produced by the famous LaxioBeats.

The Birth Ep also features some top music leaders like Akesse Brempong, Mike Aremu, Abaawa Connie, and Diana Hopeson. Queendalyn is excited to share the heart and sound of The Birth Ep with listeners worldwide.

The EP kicks off with an amazing song of reverence and love for God in WOTIM HO DAA (You remain the same)

WOTIM HO DAA: Translated as “You Remain The Same”, eulogizes the greatness of God in one major phrase, His ability to remain the same hence His never changing nature from generation to generation. It a beautiful contemporary worship piece.

This song is an experience that will leave you saturated in the awareness of the Unshakable, Immovable and Unchangeable Mightiness of God. My prayer is that this song will bring you a Godly encounter and an inner chamber worship experience. – Queendalyn added

It moves on next to “HONHOM KRONKRON (Holy Ghost) Featuring Diana Hopeson, Abaawa Connie

HONHOM KRONKRON (Holy Ghost): “Holy Spirit ” emphasizes the greatness of God and the gift of the holy spirit as our helper.

I have been a rounded benefactor of the great assistance and empowerment the Holy Spirit gives to us, this song depicts the need to depend on the Holy Spirit in all spheres. Diana Hopeson and Abaawa Connie, who have walked longer in this call, were the perfect people to bring their experience lyrically and depth to interpreting this song into reality. Three generations of Music and I am super privileged to have done this with them, She shares.


Depicting a journey with God is track three titled “Hold My Hands”

“Hold My Hands”: In this song, Queendalyn shares her testimony! Through it all God has never left my side, He has held my hands through the storm, the fires, and the turbulence. Hold my hands was inspired by DEUT 31:8. A song many can relate to.

Hold my hands brings back the lovable Queendalyn’s sound and vocals, and so does the fourth track, “IZURU (You deserve the praise) FT Mike Aremu”.


IZURU (You deserve the praise): Featuring world-renowned Gospel Saxophone Minister Mike Aremu. Izuru Is a Soul ballad that means “you are worthy. The inspiration is born from spotlighting the majestic nature of God and Declaring him worthy of every praise.

The Birth Ep rounds up with “Come and See”, a praise upbeat anthem.


COME AND SEE: Tapping into the Amapiano wave creating a fine blend with Afro Gospel and Praise-worship music while inspiring and entertaining believers, Come and see is an amapiano song of testimony and praise featuring Akesse Brempong.

The song draws its inspiration from the powerful Bible verse PSALM 66: 4-5 , which reminds listeners of God’s good deeds to mankind. “All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing the praises of your name.” Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!”

A great vibe on this track is Akesse Brempong who is known for his unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles of music. I felt he would be the right person to compliment my vocal tone and deliver. Queendalyn added.

Overall, the BIRTH EP is an intentional music offering with a unified theme that seeks to uplift and stirs you to praise and worship.

Stream and Listen to The Birth Below



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