Gospel Music Collective BitzMusic has released soul touching new EP ‘Tingle’ – Available Now

BitzMusic is thrilled to unveil its latest offering, the “Tingle” EP, a powerful gospel music body of work. This inspiring project brings together the talents of five outstanding artists: Aribo. A, Victoria Osakwe, Mattade, Chikaworship, and Ogeh Sholadoye.

The “Tingle” EP is a soul-stirring musical experience, blending the unique styles and voices of these gifted ministers. Gospel music lovers are already enjoying and being blessed by the uplifting and spirit-filled collection of gospel music in this EP.

With its talented lineup and a shared commitment to spreading a message of the Gospel and faith, the “Tingle” EP is poised to making a lasting impact on the gospel music scene.

A Fusion of Voices, a Celebration of Faith

“Tingle” is simply a spiritual birthing with unique styles and voices of each artist. The seven-track EP explores various themes of faith, from the transformative impact of a believer’s work with God “Overflow,” the posture of our declaration “Higher” to declarations of love for God (“Onye ne me mma,” “Darling Jesus”) to powerful expressions of praise and worship (“Hallelujah,” “Hallelujah Reprise,” “How Great”).

The Artists Behind the Music

Each artist on the “Tingle” EP brings their own personal God’s experience to the mix:

  • Aribo.A: Known for his captivating vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Aribo delivers soaring performances on “Higher” and joins forces with others on “Darling Jesus” and “Hallelujah Reprise.”
  • Victoria Osakwe: Victoria’s powerful voice takes center stage on the solo track “Hallelujah” and blends beautifully with the other artists in the collaborative tracks.
  • Mattade: Mattade’s unique sound infuses tracks like “Onye ne me mma” and “Darling Jesus” with a fresh energy.
  • Ogeh Sholadoye: Oge’s soulful vocals lead the way on the opening track “Overflow,” setting the tone for the inspirational journey ahead.
  • Chikaworship: Chikaworship delivers powerfully with the awe-inspiring “How Great,” leaving listeners filled with a sense of wonder.

A Collaborative Spirit

The “Tingle” EP is a testament to God’s involvement and the power of collaboration. By bringing together these diverse talents, BitzMusic has created a project that is both deeply personal and universally uplifting.


Get ready to be tingled (in the best way possible) by the music! The “Tingle” EP is available on all major streaming platforms – https://orcd.co/bitzmusic_tingle

So, dive in, hit play, and let the spirit move you!


Stream the songs on the EP on all platforms including Spotify below;



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