[Photos] Ace broadcaster Fifi Folson celebrates 10 years of marriage on Val’s Day.

Ace Broadcaster, Event promoter & MC and the smooth voice we hear on Sunny FM drive time show, Fifi Folson is celebrating exactly a decade of God’s goodness in his marriage to his wife on this special Val’s Day.

Fifi really took his time to write what i would term as ‘Val’s Day Love Letter’ to his beautiful wife Mavis Folson on social media, recounting their past experiences as couple, how God has been Good on all side and the support he received from his wife in this journey so far.


Fifi writes;

#10years in Marriage
Hip hip hip..hurray….see how time flies
From 14th February 2009 to 14th February 2019

Indeed it’s been a #JOURNEY and I’m eternally grateful to God for His sufficient Grace and mercies through out this #DECADE

Marriage is a beautiful union especially when you find the right partner. YES THE RIGHT PARTNER!!!!! My father adviced me to make sure I got married to a prayerful woman and I did by God’s grace.(Will tell Why someday)

Aside the ”Ogyasciousness”, I was blessed with a beautiful soul, a lover of God and a kind hearted sweetheart. A gorgeous babe with a Fashionista Anointing.

Her culinary Flavours at the Kitchen is superb….and perhaps my size can testify….lol
Have u tried anything from #All_Flavours_Eatry yet???? U better place some orders and join me testify…Anointed fingers #Nkor. She’s been a Faithful friend and an advisor, my super encourager and a constructive critic…. It’s been awesome being married to you.You have pushed me to achieve goals and still on me to aim higher without fear.

You’ve been that shoulder i have needed when things were some way …. Indeed God made you specially for me and I’m eternally grateful you came into my life and believed in me when I had no dime to my name. Yes we may agree to disagree but I love the way you laugh at my jokes…it settles a lot of wahala..abi u bab…. I appreciate you for the gifts of #Ewuruma Nhyira and #Ewurafua Aseda.. (The Men who will marry them THEY HAVE GET PAPA) in their own voices because I see how you are shaping them.
With my Kind of Work,if I didn’t have you I’m sure I would have fizzled out long time.
You take charge and cover my back,you support me and pray for me.. You are a solid pillar in my life and I adore and admire you.
You will always be my baby..
Money can’t pay for the kind of joy you bring to my life.
Luv you plenty






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