Honoring a Legacy: Church of Pentecost Tema New Town Renames Auditorium After Late Apostle Felix Elvis Antwi

In a touching tribute to the life and service of the Late Apostle Felix Elvis Antwi, the Church of Pentecost Tema New Town Auditorium has undergone a renaming. The place of worship has been renamed to F.E Antwi Memorial Temple in honor of the esteemed father of celebrated gospel artist Diana Antwi Hamilton, a move that resonates deeply with his family and the community he served.

The renaming ceremony was a poignant occasion, graced by the presence of Diana Hamilton and her brother, Martinson Antwi. The atmosphere of joy signified the profound respect and admiration they still hold for their late father’s contributions to the church and his unwavering faith.

As Diana and Martinson took to the podium, their heartfelt words echoed through the auditorium, expressing profound gratitude to the leadership of the Church of Pentecost – Tema for bestowing this honor upon their father to minister in songs to the people. The renaming of the auditorium, they affirmed, was a testament to the good service rendered by Apostle F.E Antwi throughout his life’s journey.

As the Church of Pentecost Tema New Town Auditorium now bears the name F.E Antwi Memorial Temple, it stands as a lasting testament that God honors men both on this earth and in heaven, our final abode.

For Diana Hamilton, the family and all who were present, this honor serves as a powerful affirmation of their father’s life’s work and a source of inspiration to continue carrying forward his values and principles. As they stood together, united in their reverence for their father’s memory, the auditorium’s new name became a symbol of hope, resilience, and the enduring power of faith.






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