Divine Voices Unite: Kofi Sarpong Features Diana Hamilton’s On Latest “Yehowah” Song

Ghana’s gospel titans Kofi Sarpong and Diana Hamilton have captivated audiences once more with the release of  their highly anticipated collaboration, “Yehowah.” This powerful single released on March 29, 2024, transcendent experience, blending their soulful vocals in a harmonious celebration of faith and reverence.

Translating to “God” in the Akan language, “Yehowah” is a profound testament to the unwavering belief in a higher power that guides and sustains. Kofi Sarpong and Diana Hamilton’s voices intertwine seamlessly, their lyrics resonating with depth and conviction, inviting listeners on a spiritual journey to find solace and strength in their devotion.

“Music has the ability to touch the deepest part of the human soul,” reflects Kofi Sarpong. “With ‘Yehowah,’ we aspire to remind listeners that even in the darkest moments, God’s love and grace remain an unwavering constant, a beacon of hope and comfort.”

Diana Hamilton echoes this sentiment, underscoring the transformative power of unity and worship. “Collaborating with Kofi Sarpong on ‘Yehowah’ was a truly divine experience,” she shares.

As the release date draws near, “Yehowah” stands as a clarion call to faith, a reminder that music transcends boundaries and connects us to something greater than ourselves. Kofi Sarpong and Diana Hamilton extend an invitation to join them on this spiritual odyssey, where every note resonates with divine love and celestial inspiration.


The song is currently available on all digital stores for stream and downloads.



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