Cwesi Oteng says he won’t hesitate to perform in the club

The famous Ghanain award winning contemporary Gospel artiste, Cwesi Oteng, confirms that we will not hesitate to perform in the club when the opportunity shows up.

Cwesi Oteng, whose songs are cross-cultural in nature, blending the beats and beautiful melodies, is mostly enjoyed by the youth both inside and outside the Christian domain

Speaking to Jeremie and Jay Foley on LBC show on Live 91.9 fm, Cwesi said “I just want to Jam in the club and I need some few hours to do that”

For most of us and most gospel artiste, the club is a no go area let alone talk about performing in there, but Cwesi thinks that is the best place for the preaching of the word through music

There couldn’t have been a better place to perform in preaching the gospel than in the club and on the street.

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