[Video] Justin Bieber sets off new era with a new Christian music “Holy”

After publicly declaring his revived love for Jesus Christ, confirmed through baptism, the Canadian Pop singer Justin Bieber has released his first Christian music titled “Holy” featuring Chance The Rapper.

The famous singer who recently celebrated two years of marriage with his wife declared on Social Media that this is the first song in his new era for him, which obviously means the era of going back to Christ.

Sharing the video on Thursday, he said: “I made one of my most important songs with one of my most supportive friends and I really want yall to hear it tonight when it drops. I know this record will make you feel something and I know that feeling is love.”

The song’s music video is a short film in which Bieber plays a construction worker who’s laid off with dozens of others. He and his significant other, a young Black woman and healthcare worker, are evicted from their home and then picked up on the side of the road by a Hispanic man in a U.S. military uniform, who insists they come for a hot meal with his family.

The final frames of the video show the characters around the dinner table, holding hands and praying.


Watch the Video below;



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