Top Gospel songs of Dunsin Oyekan (download/stream)

Dunsin Oyekan also known as the ‘Eagle’ has become a household name because of his infectious worship passion. He has become the voice behind some of the common worship anthems you would hear in Churches of Africa today. In this article, we review some of his top-rated songs, most viewed, and streamed that have become popular in our homes today.

He has really revolutionized the concept of worship revival in the body of Christ with a great number of followers for his ministry across the continent of Africa and around the world.

Dunsin Oyekan is a music producer who plays different musical instruments including the guitar, keyboard, and drums. Dunsin was once the music director of the award-winning choir – Avalanche of the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA).




The new powerful song reflects on the Holy Spirit is the very breath of God and indwelling a believer, God’s very essence (Spirit & Life). As the scripture clearly mentioned in Ezekiel 37, it took the breath of God through a man to cause dry and decayed bones to come back to life.







In writing, producing, and putting this sound out to be a blessing to many, Dunsin added “I sensed an urgency in my spirit to document and record this sound some weeks ago.” says Dunsin Oyekan “With the recent development around the world, the plague and the scare that comes with it, there’s a need to release this sound to the Earth for such a time as this!!”




  • YAH

One of the most talked-about songs on the new “The Gospel of The Kingdom” the latest album of Nigeria’s gospel powerhouse Dunsin Oyekan is Yah. The song Yah, a short form of Yahweh (in Hebrew), carries a form of a revival atmosphere with it, as the singer describes the personal and intimate relationship with the Great I AM.




Dunsin, the man behind powerful and recently released gospel songs such as ‘At All cost’Most HighFragrance To LifeI’ll be Here and more is here to bring more than just a song to the Lord Most High and he invites all by this song to do such.





“There are dimensions and realms in Christ that our generation must see! Let every blockage be opened now! For it is written “For out of my belly shall flow rivers of living waters!” I pray this song will birth an encounter in your life as it has for me! It’s time for the Sons of GOD to Arise and Shine!” – Dunsin added




This song seeks to pledge allegiance to God, to be faithful to him, and to worship him no matter what may come our way. Dunsin wrote this song as a medium to make a solemn pledge to the Lord who has given everything for us, therefore, in turn, we will also be where he wants us to be.




Every Dunsin Oyekan sound has a distinctive flair of intimate worship accompanying it. Hot on the heels of his powerful single “ROAR,” the anointed psalmist and worship revivalist “ASCEND” with yet another masterpiece, accompanied by a live video. The revelatory song is borne out of a place of genuine relationship and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.




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