The Lost Worshippers – Episode 3

The church service wasn’t too bad, everyone was friendly and hospitable and the praise, worship and preaching were all powerful I felt good in the presence of God and was glad I had accepted Charity’s offer. After church I expected people to rebuke me and scold for singing hip-life but no one used that approach, they rather told me that God wanted me back home and that my talent would be best used to do the work of the Lord.
I laughed and nodded telling them we will see, but in my heart I had no plans of dropping hip-life with all my fame and popularity to come and do God’s work. Weeks went by and I found myself regularly attending  the church, no one had been judgmental or attacked me for being a hip life artiste so I found no reason to leave but unconsciously I was gradually changing. One Saturday after I performed at a hip life musical concert the other guys in my management team wanted us to go out for a drink and also have fun with ladies.

Strangely for the first time it felt wrong to me, I declined the offer and told them I was tired and was going home to sleep. Everyone was  shocked. Tony my publicist asked, “Rusty” are you alright,  Rusty turning down an offer to go and chill , what a shock he teased. I laughed and replied  I am okay, however I just don’t want to go on a drinking and womanizing spree this evening , so good night everyone”. I left them staring at me in shock and drove home.

Charity and Dennis were put in charge of my Christian growth by  Pastor Bance , (the head pastor of my church ) and   they took my discipleship very seriously always making time to come visit have bible studies and have regular prayer sessions with me. I started to view them as family. My change however eventually brought me a challenge.
One evening as I was sitting in the studio working on  a song my manager Sid walked in and told me another artiste wanted to feature me on a song adding that the artists would pay me a lot of money. I listened to the song I was supposed to feature on and told my manager I couldn’t feature on it.

“Why can’t you feature”? Sid asked, “Too profane I replied “, what please stop this nonsense you are a hip life artiste not a gospel musician, to be judging songs, there is a lot of money. I give you a week to decide what you want to do? If you  refuse to feature on the track you will leave my record label Sid said angrily and walked off. What was I going to do? Should I do the feature and disappoint My Pastor , Kingsley and Charity  who  believed they were gradually winning me over back to Christ or should I refuse the feature and face the wrath of my label. Really tough decision I had to make.




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