The Lost Worshipper – Episode 2



The Lord had been merciful to me, Dennis Partey (the kid I knocked), wasn’t fatally injured and only had a broken hand. I left the hospital for home to go and pick up some cash and freshen up and returning a few hours later to meet a very cheerful Dennis sharing jokes with the other patients and nurse in his ward.

“Hi Dennis”, I called out , trying to get his attention, “how are you feeling today , I brought you some lunch”.
“Am blessed Mr Rusty, the good lord has saved me from the hands off death and I am very grateful”. Dennis replied.
I have a great testimony to give at church on Sunday. He added with a very cheerful smile on his face.

I was impressed with his faith in the Lord and positive outlook on life, I used to be that way, sadly I had come too far to go back to that, I however felt somewhat attached to this young man and decided that even after treatment I would still be in contact with him and see how I could support him after all I was a star and I could add him to my social responsibilities.
Later in the day, his elder sister who had just received the information arrived at the clinic in hysterical mode trembling and requesting for the whereabouts of her younger brother. She however calmed down when the nurse informed her Dennis was okay and only suffered a broken wrist. She met me in the ward chatting and laughing with Dennis. She said a fast ‘hi’ to me and quickly run to give her brother a warm hug .”How is my favorite brother doing she said, fine sis I have a new testimony for Sunday he added.

Yes you do sweetheart she added, relieved that her brother was alright. Later she walked up to me, introducing herself I am Charity Partey. Dennis ‘ s big sister, don’t bother to introduce yourself I know you Rusty the “Plantain Chips” guy right, right I replied. How did it happen? she asked.
Expecting a very horrid reaction from her, I exclaimed in a remorseful tone it was my fault cos I was driving tired after a show and I am very sorry, I promise to pay for all his treatment and even provide the necessary help while he recovers. Don’t worry I am cool she added, the Lord has been faithful I believe everything happens for a reason, the Lord has shown his power in our lives. Wow this people were really positive and cheerful I admired them, wishing I could be so positive.

After Dennis was discharged I drove him and Charity back to their house telling them that if they needed any favors from me they were free to ask adding that I was really grateful they decided not to press charges or take the news to the press.  Don’t worry Dennis replied it was an accident, let’s rather be grateful to God. I have a request Charity said with a beautiful smile on her face. I was about to get my wallet thinking it was money she wanted, it however wasn’t money. I want to invite you to my church this Sunday , its called Eternal Water Ministry it’s just across the road.

Church ! , I exclaimed in my mind , I didn’t  want to go to church but I don’t want to let them know about it. I was
grateful to them for not pressing charges and I felt I owed them some thing and replied yes .
“Praise the Lord!” they bought exclaimed simultaneously. You see the Lord does everything for good where would we have met Mr Rusty to invite to church if not for this accident. Dennis added. I quickly interrupted their joy not wanting them to think they had won me for Christ, I am just visiting ooo, please calm down , it’s only one visit.

Don’t worry dear God will work on you and of course, we will be patient with you, Charity said with a smile.
We live to see, I said in my mind I definitely wasn’t ready to go back to be a church boy again, not with where I am in life now. After dropping them off I wondered how they were so Godly even after Dennis had told me back at the clinic how his mum had died when he was 10 from cancer, adding that she was currently in a better place.

Hmm, if such a thing had happened to me I would not even believe in God again. Such a strange Godly family I said to myself. Their Dad was currently teaching in Dubai working as an English teacher raising money to cater for his family so Dennis lived alone with Charity who worked as a receptionist in a guesthouse.

What a weekend it had been, I went off to shower before I went to bed praying that the night would last longer as I wasn’t eager for Sunday morning, not to even arrive at the thought of going to church. It did not excite me at all and i don’t know how they would treat Rusty the rapper. I know this judgemental Christians, I went to bed hoping for the best.


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