Resolution Reached in ‘Defe Defe’ Copyright Dispute

Music producer Kwame Mickey has announced that the copyright issue surrounding Team Eternity’s use of ‘Defe Defe‘ lyrics has been amicably resolved. Mickey, who had previously threatened legal action, confirmed that the group had compensated him for using his intellectual property.

In an interview with DJ Slim on Hitz FM’s ‘Daybreak Hitz’, Mickey revealed that lawyers from both parties reached a mutual agreement. “Both the apology and the payment were received,” he stated, adding that the settlement was not contentious. The group proposed a sum, which Mickey accepted without further negotiation.

While declining to disclose the exact amount, Mickey emphasized that the financial details would remain private. He also mentioned that arrangements have been made for the distribution of future royalties generated by the song.
The controversy began when Mickey, the executive producer of Hallelujah Voices’ 2004 hit ‘Defe Defe’, accused Team Eternity Ghana of copyright infringement. He initially took to social media to voice his concerns and contacted YouTube to temporarily disable Team Eternity’s ‘Defe Defe’ video.

The incident sparked a debate on social media. Some argued that ‘Defe Defe’, a Twi adverb describing a dire situation, is not exclusive to Hallelujah Voices. Others pointed out similarities in the lyrics:
Hallelujah Voices: “manhyia Nyame a anka ɔbonsam ayɛ me defe defe”
Team Eternity: “manhyia Nyame a anka y’ayɛ me defe defe”

Despite differences in rhythmic patterns and melodic phrases, Mickey’s claim focused on the lyrical content similarities.
The original ‘Defe Defe’, performed by Hallelujah Voices, was written by Osuani Afrifa and executive-produced by Kwame Mickey for Kaakyire Music Productions in 2004.

This resolution marks the end of a brief but notable copyright dispute in the Ghanaian music industry, highlighting the importance of intellectual property rights in creative works.

Team Eternity has been a formidable music group that has risen to the lime with many songs both a remake from known songs and their self-written songs. They are known for impeccable vocals, creativity, and great instrumentation. The team had the opportunity to minister on stage at Joe Mettle’s Praise Reloaded annual event held in Accra Sports Stadium on June 30, 2024. The group brought a fresh breath of energy





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