Niiella set to release maiden album ‘shades of mercy’

After a couple of singles from the musician including her popular song ‘obiara niho’ which features Joe Mettle, Niiela, is now set to release her maiden album ‘shades of mercy’.

The album is said to contain a blend of worship, pop and gospel hip hop which expresses the love and mercy of God. The two teams, NiiellaMusique and Jerbette Productions came together to produce something that hasn’t necessarily been done before in Ghana and successfully produced a completely different and refreshing sound. Shades Of Mercy is not just an audio album but a visual one too. Set in the JP Studio Lounge, with a full band of instrumentalists and backing vocalists, everything was captured in the moment to bring out every sentiment in its raw form, every ounce of emotion and realness was captured. This isn’t your average album and definitely shows the artist’s deep rooted love for God and diverse music.

Niiella was born in the UK but currently resides in Ghana and is making waves with her stunning and unique voice. She was first discovered as ‘Daniella’ on Stars Of The Future Season 5 in 2012 where she finished as the first runner up and hasn’t stopped singing since then. She released her first single titled ‘I Believe’ in 2013 where she rebranded as a fully committed gospel artist and took up the name ‘Niiella’. ‘I Believe’ was a hit and since then she has released two more singles, one which features Ghana Music Award winner Joe Mettle.

Shades Of Mercy simply means the different sides of God’s mercy and each song depicts a different side of His mercy towards us.

Watch out for the full release of this visual album and for dates of when it will be ready for purchase.

Niiella is dropping the first video this Monday the 17th of April 2017.


Story Time! John 6:44 "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me"We are only here through God's mercy that He manifests to us in various ways. The fact that we can praise Him is a product of His mercy, even being able to understand an iota of who He is and in turn give our all to Him is a product of His mercy. I'll forever be grateful and appreciate this mercy that He gives daily. I'm a product of Mercy.#ShadesOfMercy

Posted by NIIELLA on Monday, April 3, 2017

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