New Day, New Thinking

Isaiah 43:18 KJV
Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.

Gleaning from this Bible text today, we realize that it’s very easy to focus your attention on past happenings. As a believer you must try and forget about some bad experiences, you must forgive some people. You may even have to forget about some successes chalked in the past. Don’t always applaud yourself for the little victories witnessed in ministry, business or finance but rather look forward –there are more houses to paint.

Whatever occupies your mind you automatically become. This is simply because where you keep your focus is where you make the greatest impact. Learn something new to enhance your productivity and effectiveness in your chosen career.
Live forward and go for that mountain.

Further Reading: Isaiah 43:17-21

Thank you father for your word today. I thank you because you are a progressive God. Holyspirit help me to think and act progressively in Jesus name
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