Nathaniel bassey’s ‘No Other God’ Song Heals a Girl


This God Is Too Good oo!! A Family shared with Nathaniel Bassey testifying How God healed their daughter through his song ‘I Have No Other God But You‘.. The anointed gospel minister took to Facebook to share the testimony and a photo he took with the lil princess on his timeline.. Get inspired!! Read below;


I love testimonies – To hear or read them, and also share them. Especially this kind. Just yesterday I shared how God encourages us in the ministry. And this is one of those ways of letting us know that He is God and real, and that our efforts in his vineyard are really not in vain. Came in from Ghana yesterday and scheduled to be in the UK this week, today precisely.

Couldn’t get on the flight, and had to reschedule for tomorrow. Now I know why that happened. Was standing alone working on my tab when a couple carrying this beautiful child, UBOKOBONG ( The hand of God), walked up to me. “Are you Nathaniel Bassey?”, “yes please”, I replied. Apparently they’d been arguing if I was the one or not. “We live in California and have been blessed by your songs”, they said. Then they shared this amazing testimony, and also gave a go ahead to share it to the glory of God.

This cute little princess was born at 6months. Yes ! 6. The mum said she was no more than a bottle in size when she was born. Remember they live in California, and would have access to world class health care. However, the doctors could not help at this point.

They gave her no chance of survival. Then someone in far away Kenya sent them a song, I HAVE NO OTHER GOD BUT YOU. They played it day and night, where Ubokobong was kept. And today, that tiny bottle sized baby, without any chance or hope of life, is the pretty, gorgeous princess in my arms.

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