Meet the young and powerful female Gospel rapper – Miz Walters

Gospel rap and for that matter Urban Gospel music in Ghana is increasingly rising as more and more people are falling in love with the genre and are buying into the idea of rapping to praise God.
As we discuss the progressive rise in Ghana’s Gospel rap music, we are also looking at the gender balance as far as the genre is concerned.

There are very few ladies who are rising with the progress – rapping in praising God, one of which is Edna, who has been doing it big time for a while. We could say, for most people it is easier associating rap music with guys than ladies. But the beauty of a female rapping to praise God cannot be written off by a mere perception.

Meet the next big thing in the Christian rap music in Ghana and African – Linda Mireku popularly known by stage name ‘Miz Walters’.

Born and raised in Ajumako in the Central Region of Ghana, Miz Walters has always been an addicted ‘hipoper’. Everything about her is hip-hop.

Living hip-hop has always been my style. Growing up I love it to the extent of locking myself up in my room just to enjoy the power of rhythm and rhymes.

Linda revealed to TheWorshippersHub, she would frequently mimic the style and rap of both men and women who are making it big in the hip-hop industry worldwide until she found her own style and uniqueness.

Now in her early twenties, Linda says she has been doing Christian rap for three years now. According to her, she loves God and doing circular music isn’t something she wanted to do, even though her inspiration came from listening to circular rap music. After listening to Christian rap for a while, she was inspired and there she found her feet in rapping the Gospel way. “And I can tell you for a fact that most of the Gospel rappers also started by loving circular rap music”, she says.

Making it official, she faced a lot of hindrances and dislike for the genre from many.

I kept doing my thing because of the love and passion bubbling in me for it. I kept moving on though many express their dislike for the kind of music i am doing.

Her first official single, ‘New Born‘, which was released 2 years ago expressly defined the rights and privileges of being a Christian and has since then seen massive love from the general public. Other hits from Walters include ‘I got God‘, ‘All way up‘, ‘Christ Energy’  and are also receiving recognition from both old and young and especially the youthful section. She disclosed to TheWorshippersHub that, there are couples of songs cooking from the studio which will be released soon and her fans should expect more in 2017.

Miz Walters swayed many event organizers and fans off their feet with amazing stage performances coupled with rap power on different occasions and stages . Her management is also up to the task in getting the best of her and keeping her focus on her dream of winning souls into the kingdom through rap music.

You can follow her on social media: Twitter: misswaltersgh, Instagram: misswaltersgh 


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