Maverick City Music’s Chandler Moore Unveils Powerful New Single “Lead Me On”

Chandler Moore, the talented worship leader from Maverick City Music, has released a stirring new track titled “Lead Me On.” This powerful song is a collaborative effort, co-written by Moore alongside Jonathan Jay, Pat Barrett, Daniel Bashta, and Jeff Pardo.

“Lead Me On” is a captivating anthem that speaks to the human desire for divine guidance and direction. With poignant lyrics and Moore’s soulful vocals, the song invites listeners to surrender their lives to God’s leading, trusting in His unwavering love and wisdom.

The track’s verses are a vulnerable outpouring of the heart, expressing the longing to be led by the Almighty’s hand in every aspect of life. The chorus soars with a passionate plea, “Lead me on, lead me on, to the place where you want me to go.”

Maverick City Music, known for their powerful and authentic worship experiences, has once again delivered a song that resonates with believers from all walks of life. Chandler Moore’s distinct voice and heartfelt delivery breathe life into the lyrics, making “Lead Me On” a poignant addition to the band’s repertoire.

With its relatable theme and stirring melodies, “Lead Me On” is sure to become an anthem of surrender and trust among congregations and personal worship sessions alike. It serves as a reminder that true fulfillment comes from yielding our lives to God’s divine plan and allowing Him to guide our steps.

As the song continues to impact hearts and lives, Maverick City Music and Chandler Moore solidify their position as leading voices in the modern worship movement, inspiring listeners to deepen their relationship with the Almighty through honest and heartfelt praise.





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