Joe Mettle Releases Powerful Worship Anthem “Oba Awon Oba” Featuring Sunmisola Agbebi

Renowned gospel Ghanaian singer Joe Mettle has released his second single of the year, and it’s a powerful collaboration that is already making waves. Titled “Oba Awon Oba,” which translates to “King of Kings” in the Yoruba language, the track features the talented Sunmisola Agbebi and promises to ignite a worship revival sound that is currently trending.

“Oba Awon Oba” is a potent worship anthem that exalts the majesty and sovereignty of God. Mettle’s soulful vocals blend seamlessly with Agbebi’s rich tones, creating a captivating musical experience that transcends linguistic barriers. The song’s lyrics, delivered in both English and Yoruba, invite listeners to a place of worship as we declare “Your Kingdom Reign Forever”

The track’s production is a masterful fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, seamlessly blending modern instrumentation with the rhythmic vibrance of African sounds. This unique blend creates a sonic tapestry that is both fresh and deeply rooted in cultural heritage, making “Oba Awon Oba” a truly distinctive offering in the gospel music landscape.

Joe Mettle, known for his powerful worship anthems and his ability to convey deep spiritual truths through his music, has once again delivered a masterpiece. His collaboration with Sunmisola Agbebi, a talented vocalist in her own right, adds an extra layer of depth and authenticity to the track, making it a must-listen for worshippers across cultures and generations.



As “Oba Awon Oba” continues to gain traction, it promises to ignite a worship revival, reminding believers of the unwavering majesty and sovereignty of the King of Kings. With its captivating melodies, powerful lyrics, and cross-cultural appeal, this single is poised to become an anthem in churches and personal worship sessions alike.

Moreover, Joe Mettle for the very first time takes his annual Praise Reloaded worship event to the Accra Sports Stadium. The event is expected to gather thousands of worshippers to fill the over 40 thousand-capacity stadium in Ghana. June 30th is the event date and entry is free.




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