Jesus Culture debuts new album ‘Church Volume One’

‘Church Volume One’ is the brand new album released by GRAMMY-nominated worship group Jesus group featuring familiar and award-winning worship artists such as Kim Walker-Smith, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Chris McClarney, Chris Quilala, Mack Brock and Derek Johnson.

The new album is a reflection of what Culture stands for, basically chronicling what God has been doing in their Church. Each song professes a deep conviction of our Faith and Love for Christ Jesus. This is a good start for the group for a new year and a new season.

Speaking about this new album, Jesus Culture noted that;

“We started as a youth conference and evolved into a movement,” shares one of the co-founders of Jesus Culture music Kim Walker-Smith.

“The music was a by-product of the movement and what God was doing in and through us. As the music grew, we were labeled ‘Jesus Culture Band,’ and it became an identity that we were trying to fit into, and it never felt quite right. We were always a movement and a church. When we started talking about this album, we felt an overwhelming sense that we didn’t want to create another album just because. We wanted to again, give birth to something that is just a by-product of what God is doing in our church and in our lives. With this record, we wanted to be intentional about it and go back to what we know, our history, and our identity.”

Jesus Culture is a church community of revivalists whose heart is to see a generation impacted through encounters with the presence of God. The Jesus Culture movement began 20 years ago and continues today at their local church in Sacramento, California.

Jesus Culture is focused on equipping young and old to transform society by living in community, growing in the word of God, discipleship, and living lives surrendered to Jesus in passionate worship.


Watch – New Jesus Culture song titled Revival ft Chris McClarney

Download Revival Audio Here

Stream album here


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