How Sista Ginna CEO of Gospel Hypers is helping Christian Creatives

The Chief Executive Officer and founder of Gospel Hypers Georgina Dotsey better Known as Sista Ginna has reiterated her outfit commitment to promoting the Ghana gospel industry.

“I have the vision to help Christian creatives amplify their voice online, the desire to make an impact on the industry as well as position Gospel Hypers as a young and creative media that is taking the African Gospel industry by storm.

The passion for that vision – that thirsts for new ideas to promote the Gospel, especially the music industry is what drives me,” she explained.

The CEO of the Leading Ghanaian online Christian Media and Public Relations Agency, Gospel Hypers made this observation as the firm is celebrating three years of operating as a full-service Faith-Based media and PR brand that provides creative content, promotions, and digital marketing strategies for Gospel musicians, Ministry Leaders, and individuals across Africa.

Starting out as a team of 2 individuals, Gospel Hypers has grown to become one of Africans biggest and most influential Christian brands with over a million social media followers across all Platforms.

Sista Ginna - CEO Gospel Hypers

The Brand currently has a robust client base and has helped boost positive perception for over 30 brands including managing social media accounts and solving complex social media issues, Gospel Hypers has also partnered with several events and helped promote lots of Gospel songs.

Gospel Hypers is now in its 3rd year and so I would describe it as a journey of continuous learning. Over the last three years, we – me and the team inclusive, have learned a great deal.

Start-ups are hard work + consistency and while you hope to run faster, sometimes you fall, but what has made the difference is that we keep challenging ourselves to try again and do better.

We have definitely had our own fair share of challenges, criticisms, and even recognitions, but all in all, it’s been a rewarding experience.

With continued growth and Partnerships. We will continue to release great resources for the Ghana gospel industry and we will continue to partner with other leading PR firms across the world to deliver great campaigns and results for clients worldwide.





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