Gospel Singer Deitrick Haddon Launches His Own Shoe Brand, Génesi

A couple of weeks ago, Deitrick Haddon took his social media to announce the launch of his own shoe brand called Génesi. The new collection created and designed by the singer is available now to purchase here: genesibydeitrick.com/.

Posting about his newest endeavor on Instagram, Haddon said; “I created Génesi shoes with the same creative freedom I use to make my music! There are no limitations when you create from the soul!

“Génesi is the God-made brand that breaks the boundaries of limitation in fashion,” the official site reads, “All shoes are handmade in Italy with pristine Italian leather. Each pair combines quality and modern style for a top-quality finish.”

Fans, music lovers of Deitrick Haddon have so far shown support for the Génesi shoe. Beyond just shoes, Génesi is a fashion brand by Haddon with also sweat-shirts, hoodies, bags, accessories more.



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