Ghanaian Gospel Artistes Should Employ The Services Of Songwriters For Their English Songs – Song Writer Isaac Quarcoo

Ghanaian songwriter Isaac Quarcoo has in a recent interview spoken about the state of the Ghana Music Industry, specifically the gospel industry. According to him, “our gospel industry is doing good but we seriously need a shift. We have a language barrier problem and the earlier we address it, the better for all stakeholders.

We mostly argue that some south African and Nigerian songs dominate our country even though we can barely speak or understand the words, that is true but this is also true, some of our local songs also dominate their market. It may not be as dominant as theirs do in ours considering population and size as a factor but yeah, we still try. I think if we do more of ‘proper’ English songs, which are easy to flow and get along with, we can do much more.  

He continued to add,” As small as our market looks, it plays a pivotal role in the whole of African music. Artists travel all the way to market their songs in Ghana, we are a strategic hotspot, and the earlier we realize it, the better.

Another area we can make strategic improvements from is collaborations, not just any but the ones that matter. I always say that Ghanaians are the most difficult people in Africa to please in terms of creative arts and whatever comes with it, we are people of taste and high preference for better stuff each time therefore, he who delivers what will bring us satisfaction must deliver strategically.” 

The songwriter who spoke to Ishew Charway, On Gh Articles also said that “ I understand our industry lacks investors but some of these things are done largely with strategy. You can’t be praying for rain when you have no bowl to store rainwater. The only thing that will attract external or some major foreign eyeballs is what we do with the little we have around.

I always see internal waggles but it is in every industry, there are always issues once we are dealing with people but those issues shouldn’t overcome the future, we are all seeking. I saw how beautifully Empress Gifty hosted her fellow musicians on United  Showbiz, we should encourage more of such and applaud despite media for such efforts. I believe in our industry and I know with time things will fall in place”.  



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