Enliven Your Day with High Energy Afrobeat Gospel Music – A Playlist by Sellas Manna

For the young and young-at-heart Christians who like their groove while getting fed with spiritual food through music, danceable Afrobeat gospel music is always their choice. CLICK HERE TO STREAM ON SPOTIFY

This carefully and specially curated playlist by Sellas Manna spotlights today’s trending Afrobeat gospel artists, their beautiful works and the reminder of what God has said concerning us through music. These spirit-filled tracks blend energetic African rhythms with lyrics that uplift and praise.

The pulsating Afrobeat foundation gets your feet moving instantly. This contemporary sound combines West African rhythmic patterns to create a vibrant groove. Gospel artistes in Africa and around the world are increasingly using Afrobeat’s danceable vibes to spread the joyful message of the Gospel.

This playlist brings together emerging and established Afrobeat gospel talents such as Limoblaze, Edem Evangelist, Greatman Takit, Kingzkid, Henri Soul, and many others.

These songs bring a combination of keeping you focused on the Holy Spirit as well as enjoying the groove as you go about your daily activities.

While the sounds vary from artiste to artiste, this playlist consistently lifts spirits through talent and exuberance. Let these gifted artists bless your day by moving your body and soul with their faith-filled Afrobeat compositions. The rhythms feel great and the messages are uplifting.





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