Embrace of the Soul: Introducing Chidi Collins, the Gospel Artiste with a Divine Melody

Chidi Collins is an established Nigerian gospel artiste whose trademark goes beyond the music to helping listeners by creating intimacy through his music.

We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions pertaining to his life, childhood, ministry, education, and many others.


What were your early days in music like?


In the heart of Abia State, Nigeria, a captivating musical journey began even before Chidi Collins could articulate his first words. His innate connection with music led him to compose his inaugural song, a melody that became a cherished memory held by his family. As a young soul, he found solace in the church’s children’s department, where he and his younger brother sang with unbridled passion during street evangelism at bustling marketplaces.

Have you always been a born-again Christian?


Rooted in a strong Christian family, Chidi Collins’ upbringing was imbued with the knowledge of God’s word. However, it was at the age of 15 that he embraced his personal encounter with Jesus Christ, a transformative moment that solidified his faith. Drawn by the zeal and dedication of his father’s love for God, he embarked on a journey of unwavering devotion and wholehearted worship.

What was growing up like and what do you miss most about your childhood?


Amidst the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria, Chidi Collins’ childhood dance took place. Raised amidst the embrace of church activities, he sought joy in the teachings of Royal Rangers, an Assemblies of God boys club. Night vigils and seeking God’s presence in the church vestry became sacred rituals that shaped his soulful connection with music and faith.

Was music your childhood ambition?


In the heart of his young soul, an ambition was ignited – the love for gospel music. Alongside his friends, Chidi Collins founded the “Philharmonics,” an acapella group that honed their skills until their music found a home in countless churches and gatherings. It was during this time that Chidi composed the timeless song “Bend Low,” whose echoes would reverberate through generations.

What makes you unique and original that is not in any other artiste?


What sets Chidi Collins apart is not just his music but the essence of his worship philosophy. To him, worship is more than mere songs; it’s a lifestyle, a holistic offering of oneself to the Creator. This divine understanding breathed life into his compositions, creating a unique path in the music industry, where integrity and devotion to Christ shine through each note.

Do you think gospel music has limited you from reaching a larger audience?

As he embarked on his journey as a gospel artist, Chidi Collins embraced the power of gospel music to touch lives across boundaries. While some may see the gospel as limiting, he sees it as a universal language of hope and redemption, a message that resonates with every heart and soul in need of grace.

When did you decide it must be gospel and nothing else?


My life has been completely wired in God; it has always been gospel and gospel songs only.
How would you describe your journey so far as a gospel artist? Through the triumphs and challenges of his musical expedition, Chidi Collins stood firm on the foundation of his faith. Encounters with testimonies of transformed lives became his greatest reward, as his music became a vessel for divine connection and healing.

What’s the inspiration behind your new single “Ancient of Days”?

In the depths of reverence and gratitude, “Ancient of Days” was born.  A serenade to the audience of One, this divine melody emerged as Chidi Collins sought to offer genuine worship before the Throne of Grace.

Challenges abound in your personal life and work; how do you handle them?

Challenges are part of life, they will surely come, what matters most is the foundation one has.
My faith is anchored in God, and this is what sustains me through challenges. I also strive to be
contented with where I am at any given point in life, while staying disciplined and consistent
towards my goals.

What inspired your last single “Ekele” released in February?


“Ekele” was inspired by my desire to give God praise after taking account of how good he has been to me.
How do you intend to expand the scope of your music? Although my sounds are mostly Christian or urban contemporary, I have also done many songs in different genres. One of my early songs, “Na Who,” is afrobeat; “You Love Me More” is a slow ballad; an upcoming remix of my song, “Living Evidence” is reggae. I also have songs yet to be produced that could be considered musical and could be used for theater arts. I wish to keep growing and expanding the scope of my music.

What’s your philosophy? What drives you?


My philosophy centers around spreading the message of God’s love and inspiring people to experience and desire an encounter with his only begotten son, Jesus. My aim is to help reconcile men to God through song and the WORD. What drives me is a deep-seated conviction that everyone deserves to have an encounter with God’s boundless love.


What words would you leave with your fans?


To my fans, I want to sincerely thank you for your support and encouragement. I want to reassure you that Chidi Collins is here to stay, and you should get ready for more wonderful, soul-lifting songs. By God’s grace, I will always strive to deliver the best in music and character.



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