Dunsin Oyekan’s Powerful New Album “The Great Commission” Inspires Global Worship

Nigerian psalmist and worship leader Dunsin Oyekan has once again captivated audiences worldwide with the unveiling of his latest masterpiece, “The Great Commission.” This highly anticipated album arrives just a year after his critically acclaimed LP “The Birth Of Revival,” released in January 2023, further solidifying his position as one of the most influential voices in contemporary gospel music.

“The Great Commission” is a remarkable collection of 14 immersive tracks, each meticulously crafted to transport listeners into an atmosphere of profound worship and reverence. The album seamlessly blends Oyekan’s signature soul-stirring vocals with an eclectic fusion of genres, ranging from contemporary praise and worship to traditional African rhythms.

Among the standout tracks are the previously released singles “Emperor Of The Universe” and “Ogo,” a powerful collaboration with renowned artist Theophilus Sunday. Additionally, the album features the beloved “City of God,” a song that has already resonated deeply with audiences across the globe.

However, the true gem of “The Great Commission” is the album’s lead single, “The Future,” a collaborative tour de force featuring the exceptional talents of Naomi Raine, Sheldon Bangera, Matt Marvane, and Joseph Espinoza. This multicultural ensemble seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of diverse musical influences, creating a truly transcendent experience that has already garnered international acclaim.

Watch the video of The Future by Dunsin Oyekan below


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