[Check it Out] DJ JaySmoke drops best Hip-Hop tunes of 2018

Everyyear, Ghana’s finest Urban Gospel DJ, DJ JaySmoke releases his top favouriteHip-Hop joints of the year. This year is no different. Packed with amazingtracks from both local and international artists, Heavy Bass Hip-Hop Vol 3features the very best. In this year’s edition, we are blessed with music fromseasoned artists such as KB, Bizzle, Sevin, Skrip, Guvna B, Swoope and alsointroducing many new acts such as Jered Sanders, Limoblaze, Maikon West, KingSubzy, El Melo and many more.

With as many as 40 songs on the album, with alistening time longer than a football match, every Hip-Hop lover willdefinitely find something favourable on it.

Droppingthis new mix for y’all, I hope you enjoy it and it blesses you in more waysthan one. The whole idea behind this compilation is to sort of introduce you tomusicians who are sold out for Jesus and using your favourite genre, Hip-Hop tospread the good news.

By so doing, you can follow them online and then begin toget more of their songs so that you don’t have to listen to songs thatcompromise your belief, says DJ JaySmoke.

HeavyBass Hip-Hop Vol 3 is a banger and our advice to you is to turn the volumeuuuup and the bass to extreme but be warned, if you have a weak speaker, itcould blow up. Enjoy, Share, Be blessed.

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