Bethel Revival Choirs did it again with “Agbadza Gospel Medley 3”

You just have to fall in love with Bethel Revival Choirs as they have released another incredible, beautiful, and culturally rich Agbaza Gospel Medley 3 dubbed “Va Dem Kaba (Rescue Me)”.

The song full of beautiful Agbadza melodies from the Ewe tribe with a combination of contemporary and traditional instruments, as usual, gave the medley a class of unstoppable nodding and flapping of the wings in motion of the Agbadza dance.

The team is known to be a source of great traditional music, churning great gospel music of a typical traditional music.

The release comes with a live performance video recorded as part of their upcoming project. The electrifying atmosphere of dancing and rejoicing in the presence of God cannot be overlooked. As you can tell from the video below, many of the patrons can identify perfectly with the songs.






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