Anyone can be of a help to you

Have you ever been stranded, where you have no idea where you are going or whats happening around you? I mean where you don’t know your left from your right, and you needed just anyone to talk to? Well, i have been there several times and will be willing to share something very important which we all need to exhibit in our society as far as relating with others is concerned. I am sure you are already interested! Follow me.

There is a saying that goes like “No one is an island” which simply means that, once you are on earth, you have to relate with someone, be friends with people, Love and share with others, all because everyone NEEDS SOMEONE.

I am very sure you’ve been in a situation where, you needed someone urgently, even a child to point the way out to you and say, “this is the way”. You can bare with me that, life becomes easier when you can go straight forward to reach out for what you are looking for rather than going round in circle until you are tired and worned out. All depends on how we think about others, what they mean to us and how we relate to them.

Inasmuch as factors such as the environment we grew up in, our educational status, religion, politics, social class and others can affect the way we treat others either negatively or positively, we must make a conscious effort in building our capacity in relating better with other regardless of our differences and affiliations.

God created us differently and of course, no two persons can ever be the same. I understand that perfectly, but God also in His infallible wisdom has created within any two different persons a very good ground on which they could relate better in order to create a peaceful environment inspite of their individual differences.

Now its time to learn something from our Master Jesus, and guess what, there is always something to learn from our Lord and Saviour.
Have you ever given it a thought the reason why Jesus is always surrounded by the crowd while the Pharisees and the Priests are always walking alone on the street and market squares without many people?

Well, here is the difference, Jesus is very humble regardless of the God-man nature he carries. He is willing to do everything possible to come in terms with the peole, putting his whole self inside their shoes, in their expressions and feelings alike. I am very sure because of how he relates with the people on their own terms has given him the ability to even know what they are thinking about anytime he is teaching them, apart from the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

How many Priests in the bible or even now can eat with a publicaly declared sinner and evil doer. I am sure they will quote the law of Moses to you. But Jesus did, trying to tell us that, the way we relate to each other is important and really necessary in affecting people’s life than thounsands of sermons

But the point is, the way you treat people badly, making them feel bad, the way you classify people as not being your class and even despise them will only make your life miserable. In the day of your trouble, no one will be willing to help you.
I guess you are doing well in terms of relating well with people but there is also more room for improvement.

The simple tool to this as we learnt from the Master is humility. Making ourselves available to all and at all times possible. Removing the boundary lines between who we would offer our all to or who we wo offer it to. There are friends you have who are really good with the qualities of humility and inter-personal relationship, i believe you can learn a thing or two from them.

Now if you meet me on your way and you needed help, but your look and demeanour shows that you are interested in my help and not me, I WILL BE RELUCTANT IN OFFERING MY HELP TO YOU.

Let us therefore geniunly love and care about people regardless of their standing or wheather we are meeting them for the first time and not only be interested in what they’ve got to offer us.


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