AfroGospel Star Scott Evans Hosts Captivating Preview Event for Anticipated ‘Grace is Luxury’ EP

In an elegant night filled with artistry and spiritual connections, fast-rising Ghanaian gospel sensation Scott Evans hosted an exclusive preview event for his highly-anticipated new EP “Grace is Luxury” at the Cosmopolitan Bar & Lounge, Dzorwulu – Accra. The intimate gathering left attendees enthralled and eagerly awaiting the project’s November release.

Taking the stage, Scott Evans offered insights into the EP’s creation, his musical journey, and the heart behind the music. He emphasized that “Grace is Luxury” is more than just songs—it’s meant to be a transcendent spiritual experience channeling divine grace through music.

Evans performed songs from the 6-track EP, including the lead single “100% Percent,” allowing guests a sneak preview before its official release. His smooth vocals and onstage magnetism shined through, matched by the enthusiasm of attendees moved by the music.

Scott Evans’ new AfroGospel sound fusing Ghanaian rhythms with Amapiano beats gives a great dynamic fusion of genres resonating powerfully throughout Africa.

Scott Evans Grace is Luxury

The exclusive event marked an important milestone for Scott Evans as he gained momentum in Ghana’s music scene and abroad. By hosting an elegant preview night, Evans generated intrigue and acclaim for his artistry that will amplify the EP’s impact.

According to Evans, “Grace is Luxury” is his most cohesive and commercially accessible project yet, meant to transcend borders. The release of the EP’s November launch promises to captivate hearts worldwide as Evans shares his spiritual passion through a fresh global sound.

In his statement for the night, Scott mentioned that it’s been an incredible journey of championing Afrogospel melodies in Ghana;

“In the colorful world of Ghanaian music, we’ve been on a beautiful adventure, pioneering AfroGospel melodies and rhythms. It’s been an incredible ride, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this musical odyssey with all of you. From “Map3k3” to “Best Side,” “100 Percent,” and our recent hit “Holy Father,” we’ve not just made songs; we’ve crafted spiritual experiences that touch the depths of our souls. Tonight, here at the Cosmopolitan Bar & Lounge, as we unveil the “Grace is Luxury” EP, we stand at the cusp of something truly special. This EP is a labor of love, a musical testament to our dedication to spreading the divine message through the universal language we call music. I believe that our unique blend of Ghanaian culture and Gospel Amapiano isn’t just for our local audience’s meant for the world. It’s a message of faith, love, and grace, and I am committed to taking this message to every corner of the globe.”

Scott Evans

The anticipation in the room during the preview event was palpable. Attendees walked away inspired, captivated by Scott Evans’ musical gifts, and counting down the days until “Grace is Luxury” brings its divine message to the masses.




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